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Table of Contents

  1. How Much Do You Charge?
  2. How Much Input Can I Have In My Site Design?
  3. Can You Scan or Edit My Photos For Me?
  4. How long until my site is up?
  5. Once my site is up, how often can I update it?
  6. What Happens if I Want to Take Over Maintenance of My Own Site, or Have Someone Else Maintain It?

How Much Do You Charge?

[DragonFyre Dezyn can provide web design packages starting at $150 for a small personal site.  Prices will range depending on what type of site you'd like, amount of custom graphics, photo-editing and other services necessary.  Let us know what type of service you're looking for, and we'll be happy to give you a price quote specialized to your particular needs!]

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How Much Input Can I Have Into My Site Design?

[That's an easy one!! You can have as much or as little input as you'd like! We're not happy until YOU are! We welcome all your input, ideas, artwork you like and those special things that make your site uniquely 'you'.]

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Can You Scan or Edit My Photos For Me?

[You Bet!! For editing of your electronic photos, you can e-mail them to Prices will vary depending upon the level of work requested. Please contact us for a quote.  If scanning is necessary, please mail materials to PO Box 293835, Phelan, CA 92329-3835, Attn: Nancy Sansonetti along with payment ($5 per scan) and a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of photos.]

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How long until my site is up?

[Total final completion times for your site will vary depending upon amount of customization, size of site, and whether or not the site design meets your satisfaction.  We guarantee that first drafts for small sites (less than 5 pages) will be up within 2 weeks. For larger sites, we guarantee within 45 days. Total completion date depends on your happiness - we're not happy until you are!]

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Once My Site is up, How Often Can I Update it?

[Updates to completed sites can be contracted for on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis  - or - you can purchase an UNLIMITED update package (updates WHENEVER you need them!) at discounted prices. The choice is yours. We will tailor an update plan that meets your specific needs. If you desire additional pages, an additional fee will be assessed.]

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What Happens If I Want To Take Over Management Of My Own Site, or Have Someone Else Maintain It?

[If, for any reason, you choose to leave DragonFyre DeZyn, we simply ask that all account balances be up to date, and we will be happy to provide all necessary passwords and information to enable another party to handle your site! No fuss, no muss.]

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